English Literature, Liberty, and Robinson Crusoe

English Literature, Liberty, and Robinson Crusoe

English Literature, Liberty, and Robinson Crusoe

Our literature selections for this year have me silly excited! On the list? Robinson Crusoe, Oliver Twist, Deerslayer, and Spirit of Saint Louis. Notebooks to put together, vocabulary to define, and principles to discover! I can’t wait!

English Literature, Liberty, and Robinson Crusoe | english literature liberty robinson crusoe

First things first

Join the Veteran Homeschool Mom Facebook group here  if you’d like to study along with us and you need some help.

Getting started with Robinson Crusoe

Homeschool families can purchase copies of Robinson Crusoe from their favorite bookstore and a Kindle version will work, too. Two (physical) copies are best because teacher can have her own copy to mark up. Students with a physical copy can learn to interact with the text (annotate).  Annotating is a valuable skill for college.

Parents or teachers will also want a copy of A Teacher Guide for the Classic Robinson Crusoe by Daniel DeFoe. 

Resources that are also needed include: a three-ring binder, loose-leaf paper, and tabbed dividers. Students will set up a notebook for the course.

Details about the study

The study will take nine weeks and will include word studies, identifying literary elements, and research, relate, and recording questions. Printables for use in the course will be available in the Veteran Homeschool Mom Facebook group.

Why study Robinson Crusoe

Details of the study out of the way, you might wonder why study Robinson Crusoe? Reasons abound, but my primary reason for studying Robinson Crusoe this year is to capture the imagination.

My youngest son loves the trades and I don’t want to miss the opportunity to use that love to learn some larger principles.

Mike Rowe has demonstrated to the world that we are lacking trades and are at a crisis.

All good reasons.

Learning larger principles

Principles are universal truths or a source, cause, or origin of anything.

Economy, work, steadfastness, wisdom, and sowing and reaping are some of the principles we’ll cover. Setting, themes, characterization, and plot are the elements we’ll notebook.

And through the adventure of Robinson Crusoe, we’ll answer the age-old question, “What would you take along with you if you knew you were to be shipwrecked on a desert island?”

I hope you’ll join us!

September 5, 2017

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